Aug 15, 2018
Heilan Home Wuxi Will Shape Your Lifestyle!

As new retail prospers, a trend of online merging seamlessly with offline, the scale of the homeware retail market continues to expand, attracting many fashion brands to grab a slice of the highly profitable homeware pie. Heilan Home is a lifestyle and homeware brand, in which product categories include clothing, household supplies, and fashionable home decorations. HLA is no longer satisfied with occupying a “men's wardrobe”, but begins to explore the aesthetics of “communication” between human and daily necessities, appealling to customers by shaping the way they spend their time, appoint their home, relate to others, dress, eat, and etc.

Heilan Home Wuxi has been officially opened, which develops an all-inclusive offer that caters to every aspect of customers’ lifestyle. This overall immersive experience enhanced by clean, modern and natural interior design will capture the interest of young people.

The storefront is painted with light gray Stucco, creating a surface with smooth subtle sheen, lighter variation of color and rough stone textures. Exposed beams and pipes not only bring a breath of industrial chic, but also stretch the longitudinal height of the space. The ceiling is painted white, while the ground is made of light gray terrazzo; the comparison is formed to offer a more spacious and brighter space. The terrazzo floor spotted with little stars randomly accentuates the flavor of life in Heilan Home. The interspace between the ceiling and furniture is filled with artistic gray Stucco, which not only echoes the exterior wall of the store, but also realizes the natural transition from industrial to natural, from cold to gentle.

In order to soften the chilliness of the industrial style, timeless and warm wood materials with an intricate natural surface are wildly applied in furniture design. White oak and dark vintage wood contrast strongly in space, yet complement each other. The white metal furniture knits itself perfectly into surroundings, adding a sense of brightness and vitality to the space. Display furniture, white lacquered wood walls, and stainless steel mirror all use grille elements, ensuring that each component adheres to the principle of continuity in form.

Considering the wide variety of household products, the display furniture is composed of removable laminates, brackets and drawers, allowing free combinations so as to fulfill multi-dimensional requirements. Amongst them, the frame at the top of the floor cabinet is available for a wooden grille to insert in as decoration, or a hook-type rack for products display, or a billboard to indicate newest brand updates.