Sep 22, 2018
AEX & OVV Flagship Store Will give You a Unique Experience!


The exclusive store of AEX & OVV integrates Art Deco with the modern minimalist luxury style, full of humanistic design atmosphere, forming a modern aesthetic of space. It combines fashion, experience and culture, and presents customers with exquisite and comfortable shopping experience from the details.


The retail space captures the essence of the OVV brand, built into a fashion gallery that combines aesthetics, culture, and shopping to make it easy for consumers to experience the fashion atmosphere, find style inspirations and explore the glamorous life. The minimalist gray flooring, walls and ceiling, with a patchwork of picturesque ambient light and shadow, allow the clothing to shine as focal point. 

2F: AEX &

Careful attention to details also extends to the second floor. The wood flooring and furniture, finished in neutral colors and textures, is illuminated by LED light strips, creating a warm and welcoming retail environment. which will be a new community center, is offered to diversify store’s product offerings.

3F: Reading Room & Experience Center

This space, used for large events, speakers, workshops and strategic planning sessions and etc., becomes gorgeous with stylish furniture and decorative plants.