Dec 23, 2018
LANEHUB, to Create a Joyful Lifestyle!

LANEHUB, a digital-oriented lifestyle brand focusing on new retail consumer experience, merges online seamlessly with offline, in which product categories include furniture and home fashion accessories. One year after the launch of its App, the first premium flagship store has been officially opened on December 23, 2018 in White Magnolia Plaza, Shanghai.

A relatively open and free shopping environment without definite space boundaries is offered, to create an immersive, comfortable and relaxing retail experience. 

Scenes of Life:

LANEHUB is dedicated to providing an unbeatable shopping experience with scenes that reflect the way we live. Bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom - all the areas together bring you the feeling of home. Dark walnut and grey lacquer, combine perfectly to create a tranquil and private bedroom with the dimmed light. Sense of abundance is achieved in the living room area, using different layers of grey and some dotted bordeaux red. Carefully-arranged kitchenware reminds us of the hustle and bustle in the kitchen, while the overall grey tone calms us down. The bathroom area illuminated by warm lights compensates for the coldness of metal shelves. Stairs painted in red add a playful trick into the area. 


Distinct from the surrounding hues, café features understated elegance enhanced by materials, including dark walnut, black metal and white terrazzo.

Lounge & Co-working Space:

A palette of wood and plaster in muted tones creates a comfortable, home-like environment, while clean-lined tables and sleek chairs demonstrate a touch of modern elegance.

Children's Play Area:

Delicate puppets and curated furniture in the play area banish children's boredom, whilst bring convenience to parents.