Link+ Architects Shanghai Office

Our studio located at Mei Hua Garden in Shanghai is designed in collaboration with Zhang Lei the founder of AZL architects, who is also known as professor at the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Nanjing University. Uncompromisingly modern in its minimal architectural language, the design remains contextual, maintaining its focus on a large central villa with surrounding lush gardens. From the architecture to the interior design, handpicked art and custom furnishings, this space becomes the perfect declaration of our studio's design philosophy.​

There are three main principles the scheme adheres to: firstly, to reconfigure an exceptional layout by creating a hidden entry point in replacement of the main entrance, impressing visitors with its serenity and mystery when they first walk through the bamboo lined front door hall; secondly, to improve the circulation of the whole space by dividing the existing central staircase into three separate stairs; the last part is to maximize natural daylight penetration and vertical communication between floors facilitated by openings with double or even triple ceiling height.

The interior is conceived as a space keeping consistency with the geometry of the exterior façade while developing independently with its own identity internally. Concrete flooring, custom-made expanded metal mesh ceilings together with grey colored walls impact the general ambiance with a minimal, industrial feel, whereas the extensive use of MDF frames and large scale bookshelves form a warm contrast, adding a pervading sense to the area that oscillates between austerity and playfulness, tranquility and generousness. 

The workspace features several bespoke furniture designs and art-installations by our own creative team, enhancing our corporate mold of 360-degree integrated design service.

Link+ Architects Shanghai Office, Shanghai
1,000 sqm