Beijing Yonghe Villa Renovation Project

Located in Jianchang Alley in Dongchen District, Yonghe Villa is designed by our creative team, with a main focus on modern minimalism internally as a contrast to the historic and culturally heavy neighborhood surrounding the building.​

Flowing with pervading Oriental charms, the office is a stone's throw from cultural heritage sites such as the Temple of Confucius, the Imperial College and more notably, the Yonghe Lama Temple, with the touristy and quaint alley of Wudaoying Hutong to the north, showing the neighborhood its unique character.

Through a maze of picturesque and narrow alleys, visitors are immediately greeted by the plaques above the two old red wooden gates engraved with 'Guyu' and 'Jingzhe' named after the 24 solar terms. The quadrangle and symmetrical courtyard framed with lush green bamboo on both sides leads into a sleek and modern door, a strong contrast to the antique gates above where dragon-spine ridges and upturned flying eaves offers a glimpse into the traditional Beijing culture and craft. The space boasts reasonable and geometric layout with herringbone parquets, plenty of curated murals, contemporary Italian furniture and pristine white walls; in combination with a precious collection of Chinese antiques and artistic works, these opposite styles perfectly portray the spirit of traditional elegance and modern minimalism. The third floor, a bright, tranquil and steady cultural space is a loft with four paintings about different solar terms hanging on the wall echoing with the names of villa.

This oasis has comfortably nested itself into the surroundings area while retaining a strong sense of individuality and confidence. The interior design and arrangements, declare our studio's philosophy, uncompromising profession and grasp of details.

300 sqm