Nanjing East Road (#170 Area) Renovation Project

Linong is the characteristic culture of shanghai. Nanjing Road area is the earliest open commercial area, with the special title of "Shi Li Yang Chang", which means "metropolis filled with foreign adventurers". Dong Shi Li contains the culture of shanghai's Linong and also represents integration with the international standards. There are many old buildings in Dong Shi Li, with deep historical and cultural deposit, not only connecting the history of shanghai, but also the area of East Nanjing Road. 

We are trying to bring Shanghai's once prosperousness, past history, far-reaching culture and life of the city into this project, with the intention of creating a modern business atmosphere. In the future, visitors will be able to experience the cultures of all over the world in Dong Shi Li, which also represents the spirit of shanghai - a culture with openness and diversity.

New World Group
East Nanjing Road, Shanghai
4,000 sqm