Shanghai Future Town of Artificial Intelligence (Plot 01 - 03)

Located in Maqiao Central Park, Shanghai future town of artificial intelligence (Plot 1-3) is meticulously designed to frame its natural surroundings, instilling the most state-of-the-art high technology amid of the diverse and historical landscapes.

As the gateway to the whole scheme, the exhibition centre welcomes guests with laid-back simplicity and iconic modernity from Nordic and Asian inspiration. The open plan of interior space caters to both commercial and public needs.

Likewise the exhibition centre , the sports centre combines industrialized aesthetic and high technology in terms of design. By creating a courtyard in-between, two separate buildings allow for an external sport pitch to be the social heart of the facility.

The canteen building brings people together in light of the increasing mania for food culture. The solid concrete brings a sense of shelter, and glazing areas invite people in to create a strong connection with the landscape

Based on the Nordic tonality, service centre evolves into 3 types:

Pitch roof, a signature element of traditional Nordic homes, is fully utilized in the building outline, featuring large angled windows and open terraces to approach an air of serenity and modernity.

Clad in different grey bricks, a solid rhythm was brought to the overlook of the building.

Cream bricks bring a warm feeling to the third building, while windows and balconies allow the exploration of exterior spaces.

25,000 sqm
Urban Planning