Park 1903 Mall

This new entertainment and retail complex holds a cinema, a theatre and plenty of generous retail spaces, integrating a conventional shopping mall experience with arts, entertainment and innovative workshops.

A new urban complex divided in three volumes integrating retail, entertainment, performance arts, community spaces, this 'Cloud Cube' is conceived as a dynamic meeting point with diverse activities focused on arts and culture, introducing the people in Kunming into some cultural and vibrant life style.

Health, culture, leisure and education smoothly blend together to offer a spectacular architectural experience, ensuring its transformation into a fascinating reference point of urban construction. The main perimeter bodies comprising shopping center, food court, workshops and activity areas along with the anchor stores, will hold the core uses, while the theatre central to the whole building, is designed around flexibility and adaptability to accommodate with different stages and setups depending on audience and usage.

Encased in an 'urban curtain' that acts as a frame for the airy public park, the 3 volumes will be consciously future proofed, with the ability to be adapted to host a variety of events, such as art projects, bicycle parking, water and light installations, performances.

Park 1903 Mall
Kunming, Yunnan
20,000 sqm
Shopping Mall