TC - 558

The project is located in East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street in Huangpu District, Shanghai. The East Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street starts from the Bund in the east, crosses Yan’an West Road in the west, and passes through Jing’an and Huangpu districts. The project is uniquely located and directly connected to the main commercial attractions of the city. Through the renovation and design of the north and south facades and roof gardens, well-known brands have been introduced, and diversified business formats have been integrated to gradually create a trendy mecca on East Nanjing Road.

Rebranded as tc-558, an acronym of trend centre at 558 Nanjing east road (558 number has the double meaning of Being prosperous), we create a one-of-a-kind urban landmark, trend hub, fashion destination, art assemble by benchmarking to the first-class commercial district.

East Nanjing Road, Shanghai
10,400 sqm