Wu Wei Luxury Resort Hawaii

Wu Wei Villa (inspired by the Taoist Philosophy) is located on the west side of the Mauna Kahalawai Mountain range in Hawaii. It has a great location that the South West faces the Pacific Ocean and the North East faces to the Pu’u Kukui Mountains. The site is 17,317 ㎡ and varies approximately 14 meters topographically from East to West.

“Wu Wei” means “Doing Nothing”. However, it implies positivity rather negativity, as its in-depth meaning is “govern or achieve by non-interference against nature”. Thus, “Wu Wei Villa” is indeed a harmonious name, it also indicates “ZEN” spirit at the same time.

The scope of work includes for both architecture, interior and landscape design.

According to the pre-communication with the landlord whom is particularly interested in art and furniture and is considered all aspects of the design, the design of the project is defined to be a blend of traditional Chinese Song and Ming Dynasty ( arranged around courtyards that respond to the ocean and maintain views) and modern contemporary design.

17,317 sqm