Shanghai Future Town of Artificial Intelligence (Plot 12 - 04)

This area is located between Zhongqing Road, Zidong Road, Zhongyun Road, and Zixu Road of Maqiao Town, Minhang District of Shanghai. The total plot size is 63,669㎡ and the height limit of buildings is 30 meters. The project is to include office, research and development facilities, contained within several buildings and an underground plaza.

Our concept is to take this historical tall and image“THE STARS HOLD THE MOON”as an organizational tool. In the blackness of the heavens, goes the tale. The bright moon is by orbited by the stars. As night falls these celestial bodies dance around the sky above us, aligning and converging. The‘Moon’our fulcrum and the movement of the ‘stars’around it. Our moon building is the center and social meeting hub and the building is located purposefully around it to create a harmonic connection for the end-user.

63,669 sqm
Urban Planning