BFC North Retail Basement

Occupying a prominent site on the Bund, the BFC North Retail Basement draws inspiration from the harbor, offering a lively and warm place for visitors to discover and enjoy the latest trends on shopping, food, and entertainment.​

The concept seeks inspiration from the harbor, a melting pot for trade and culture, characterizing the BFC North Retail Basement with an aim to bring a breath of excitement and freshness to customers, setting BFC apart from its competitors.

Theme for B1: Modern Nostalgia.

Harbor and marketing features are merged together in a harmonious arrangement, striking a balance between modern and vintage. The pervading antique flavor of the B1 level, paying homage to the old Shanghai time, is captured in indoor-outdoor atmosphere offering customers an unprecedented retail experience, while contemporary product display resonates with the concept of modernity, storytelling of the brand histories.

Theme for B2: Futuristic Hipster.

The B2 level offers a fullest retail discovery encompassing the concept of future (advanced technology experiences, healthy life alternatives Cryo or Vapes) and living life (self-enrichment). A collection of curated DIY stores is set up around the sunken plaza, in combination with leather bound notebooks, flower arrangements, oil painting, arts and craft etc., intensifying the futuristic and organic spirit.

BFC - The Bund Finance Center
BFC North Retail Basement, Shanghai
12,000 sqm
Shopping Mall