Joyway 700

Space renovation project of an old factory aims to bring new life to a previously nondescript building. The refashioned mixed-use building is conceived as a modern work space with communal areas for the fashion and design community. 

Located on Huangpi Road South, Joyway 700 once a well-known complex of buildings serving as a textile manufacturer back in the 1930s, however in the beginning of the 21st century in order to cater for the growing design and fashion business, underwent a full exterior façade lift, transformed into a cultural and creative industry park.

The aim of the renovation is to create a unity that encompasses the existing buildings, starting from exterior spaces and finishing with an interior refreshment, which will be attained by the enclosure of the existent construction with metal fins striking an equilibrium of exterior and interior. This system of metallic wrapping fins will bring this necessary unity, opening up the building with areas for collaborative work and interaction.

700, Huangpi Road South, Shanghai
13,450 sqm
Creative Park