M50 Art Park Renovation Project

The renovation of the art park combines iconic heritage elements with a new façade and modern influences, creating an open, uncluttered creative park​.

Founded in the late 30s, M50 is a complex of industrial buildings originally formed as a textile factory. Some of the existing elements retain till now as a reminder of the past, reinterpreted in compliance with the new spirit of the recently established creative park: Arts for a Better Life. 

The versatility of the complex is illustrated by a wide range of artistic spaces, workshops and scattered cafés for the new generation, however followed by the difficulty to maintain the continuity of façade and the lack of unity in the brand image.

The restoration and preservation will be focused on 3 main parts: 1. the creation of a central plaza and some communal areas linking the existing buildings with the future green spaces; 2. the seamless connection of the new façade elements with the adjacent buildings by applying a unified image brand; 3. the rehabilitation, recast and reinterpretation of some iconic heritage elements, such as the water tank, the chimney or the electricity transformer.

The scheme for its renewal extends our investigation into creating a new brand image for the complex which is conceived as a point of attracting artists and new public hungry for extraordinary experiences.

50, Moganshan Road, Shanghai
23,000 sqm
Art Park